Mac mini (Late 2014)

, Dan Knight, 

It’s been two long years since the Mac mini was updated, and while a 1.4 GHz Core i5 CPU may not sound very powerful, then new US$499 price tag is sure to get your attention, and all models ship with system memory soldered to the logic board, so no RAM upgrades after you’ve bought a Late […]

Support Low End Mac

, Dan Knight, 

Low End Mac (LEM) began in April 1997 as a way for me to learn Web design and to help Mac users get the most out of their aging Apple gear. There weren’t many online resources yet, and we grew from two dozen profiles to hundreds. LEM began as a hobby, was a full time job for quite a […]

Does iOS 8 Mark the End of 8 GB iPhones?

, Dan Knight, 

I have an 8 GB iPhone 4S, and the only way I was able to install iOS 8 without using iTunes was by wiping it back to its original state. No matter how many apps and files I removed, I could not create enough free space for the iOS 8 installer otherwise. Apple brags about […]

iOS 8: A Brief Introduction

, Dan Knight, 

iOS 8 has one steep requirement for those who want to upgrade to it directly on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You need 5.6 GB of free space to load and run the installer – even though the core iOS 8 installation is under 1 GB. That can be a real problem with 8 GB iDevices.

Resuscitating a 17” Aluminum PowerBook G4

, Andrew DeLisle, 

I purchased a badly abused 17” Aluminum PowerBook G4 in the summer of 2012. It had a badly smashed lower case assembly, missing Enter key, a nonfunctional LCD, a bum battery, and not very many screws holding her together. I’ve always liked the design of the 17” PowerBook and felt the Aluminum PowerBooks have the best […]

iOS 8: Not Quite Yet

, Dan Knight, 

Low-end Mac and iOS users have a love-hate relationship with Apple. We love new hardware and new operating systems and new features. We hate old hardware and operating systems being left behind.