Road Apples & Second Class Macs

, Dan Knight, 

Second Class Macs are Macs you should buy with your eyes wide open – if you buy them at all. The only ones I would put on the “avoid at all costs” list are those with three or four apples. The Macs with only one or two apples can be very nice computers as long as […]

Help Out Low End Mac

, Dan Knight, 

Low End Mac (LEM) has in April 1997 as a way for me to learn Web design and to help Mac get the most out of their Apple gear. There weren’t many online resources yet, and we grew from two dozen profiles to hundreds. LEM began as a hobby, was my full time job for quite a […]

Tech News on Low End Mac

, Dan Knight, 

We’re going to give you a different take on tech news. No rumors. No press releases. No news based on a third-hand report. We’re going to give you real tech news with a low-end twist.

Security Glitch in Android 4.3 Impacts 10.6% of Devices

, Daniel Jansen, 

According to Security Intelligence, Android 4.3, the version just prior to current 4.4 Kit Kat, suffers from a security flaw in the Android KeyStore service. This is the part of Android that secures your password, PINs, login info, etc., making it a particularly nasty vulnerability. At this point, approximately 10.3% of Android users are version 4.3. (Not 86%, as […]